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Oakway German Shepherds & Cairn Terriers 

Chili dell Valcuvia (Imp Ita to Aust)

CH Oakway Mix It Up

EOI are now being taken for a black and gold dog from Chili and Amber.

CH Oakway Highland Fling 

Oakway Dream Chaser

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EOI are now being taken for Onny and Duncan's babies - Onny has whelped two boys and a girl on 2/07/21. 


If you are interested in purchasing a puppy form our litters, we would like to hear a little more about you and your situation.

Why are you choosing a German Shepherd or a Cairn Terrier?

What experience do you have with the breed?

Our puppies must go to a property which is fully fenced. We would like to see pictures of this.

Where are you going to sleep your puppy? We do suggest you purchase a crate for the puppy. This is a secure place for the puppy to eat and sleep in.

Where will you be keeping your puppy while you are out? When it is older rather than have it free in a backyard while you are not home a pen or yard maybe a suggestion, especially if you are not home for long periods of time.

What other dogs do you have at your property

Please email us at [email protected]